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King ZG Drops “Enemy of the Break” 25th Anniversary Re-Release

King ZG and Pikaso (formerly known as P-Kid and Zulu Gremlin) celebrate the re-release of their underground album “Enemy of the Break”. The digital re-release commemorates the 25th anniversary of the debut. Collectively known as S.W.A.T. which stands for Street Wise Art Technique. This Silver Anniversary digital release is through VIP Records/Empire, where King ZG is currently signed.

The “Enemy of the Break” was originally recorded in 1999 in Daly City, California and produced by P-Kid and Zulu Gremlin (King ZG’s bboy alias). The album includes guest appearances from breaking icons like Ken Swift and Mr Wiggles. The bboy anthem “I’m Sayin Though” was featured in the breakdance documentary film “The Freshest Kids”, produced by Quincy Jones III’s QD3 Entertainment.

The album was Inspired by our mission of being the last Bboys. This album was made in the late 90’s with bboy mc legends of the 80’s on it as a last collaboration after we left Rock Steady Crew, started our own companies, and pursued our next missions in the music industry.

“Enemy of the Break” is available digitally worldwide on all major platforms (except Apple). Listen now at

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