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PR Dean feat. Chris Rivers, Famoso & Fabeyon “73 Borikuas” (Bori Anthem)

PR Dean has just dropped his new single, “73 Boricuas,” just in time for the Puerto Rican Day Parade. This track is a real gem, paying homage to the rich Puerto Rican heritage and deep roots in hip-hop culture.

“73 Boricuas” is a powerhouse track that features three of the hottest Puerto Rican emcees: Fabeyon, Chris Rivers, and Hardtimes Records’ very own Famoso. The beauty of this track is that you don’t have to be Puerto Rican or even Latino to vibe with it—it’s pure, unfiltered hip-hop from start to finish. From the bars to the beat to the hook, this track delivers everything you’d want in a hip-hop anthem.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to 1973, when Puerto Ricans started leaving their mark on the culture. Think back to the days of the Rubble Kings, when the Ghetto Brothers were running the Bronx and the Savage Skulls rocked their cut sleeves with pride. This was the dawn of hip-hop, and Puerto Ricans were there from the very beginning, helping to shape the sound and the scene. Fast forward to today, and Puerto Ricans are still here, still contributing, still making waves.

Stream “73 Boricuas,” crank it up, and let it be the soundtrack to your celebrations. Join PR Dean on this journey to push this track to the top and remind everyone of the powerful role Puerto Ricans play in the hip-hop world. This is for everyone, so let’s break this record together and make some serious noise!

To all the beautiful people out there, keep repping the culture, keep pushing boundaries, and keep that Puerto Rican pride alive. “73 Boricuas” is out now, stream here:

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