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Moreno ITF – “Gangoso World” EP

Dominican born, Bronx bred artist Moreno ITF claims his title as the leader of Latin drill in his galvanizing debut EP GANGOSO WORLD. Heavily inspired by the intersection of Afro-Caribbean music and the New York club/exotic dance scene, the 5-track offering provides listeners with a stew of sounds that transcend traditional drill music. The “Gangoso” lifestyle, a term coined by the rapper himself, is a testament to his mission to portray drill culture in a newfound light, and the EP’s focus track PULL UPis a braggadocious introduction to his enticing world. Just like chapters in a book, Moreno ITF shares pieces of himself as he pulls back layers of the Gangoso world. He explores the vibrancy of Latin culture, gangster love, the emotional pain of hustling to survive and more; all equally important elements of the exhilarating universe he is building steadily in front of listener’s eyes. His irresistible Latin flare takes the front seat as the breakthrough act flexes his virtuosity with his first full-length offering, proving his ability to bridge cultures with his commanding delivery similar to New York greats like JAY-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. and Method Man.
“A lot of people in this world are in love with the spice of Latin culture and the energy of New York City. Because I grew up between the Dominican Republic and the Bronx, I can connect with them in this sense, whether it’s through my lyricism, the energy I bring to a track or my presence. My music is a direct result of the cultures that raised me, and Gangoso is a true representation of my world and its flavors. It’s a movement, it’s a lifestyle; it’s everything from the way you dress, the way you act, the way you hustle to keep food on the table for your family… my music is an interface for those who can relate to any parts of my identity.” – Moreno ITF
The EP kicks off with his provocative new track “ROBOCOP,” which sees Moreno ITF confidently announce his arrival as Latin drill’s finest over bombastic 808s. Following is his eruptive summer single BERKIN” (780k views on YouTube), an upbeat party anthem showcasing the Gangoso lifestyle while proving his ability to merge the flavors of Latin culture with the NY drill wave. Following is the EP’s focus track “PULL UP,” an assertive African/Jamaican inspired drill track made for late nights at the club. Next comes his latest single release RUFF,” the sequel track to “BERKIN” which tells the tale of his own gangster love story, taking form as a more sensual R&B offering. The EP concludes with “COBAIN,” a classic New York freestyle inspired by Rich Boy’s 2000s hit “Throw Some D’s.”
Moreno ITF has made an enormous splash with media tastemakers and across DSPs, earning support from Afropunk, Remezcla, EARMILK and more, as well as placements on NPR’s Alt Latino playlist, Tidal’s Los Traperos, Audiomack’s On The Radar, and Soundcloud’s Duro, La Multitud, and Fuego playlists. To date, Moreno ITF is the only Latin trap artist to ever perform at SXSW (2021), and the rising act most recently performed in Miami during Billboard’s Latin Music Week. Fans across the tri-state area pour into venues to witness his captivating live shows, which have included performances alongside Chucky 73, Dowba Montana and more.

GANGOSO WORLD is the first full taste of what Moreno ITF has to bring to the culture, a thrilling introduction into his all encompassing artistry. Be on the lookout for more from the rising star soon.

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