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Gangsta L – “Drug War Veteran”

Jorge Olvera PKA L Boy AKA Gangsta L was born in 1981 in Los Angeles CA. He was raised on the streets of Pasadena where alot of his lyrics were birthed through life experiences. His love of hip hop dates back to the mid and early 80′s. It was apparent he would come to love hip hop and its culture when he would steal his uncles tapes and rehearse all the lyrics.

His first 2 tapes he had his father buy him was Ice Cubes’s “Death Certificate” and Geto Boys “We Cant Be Stopped” Raised on the harsh streets he grew up faster than any one of his peers. His dad who he looked up too was involved in the drug game. Him always being around his father is where he became fascinated w the lifestyle of a drug dealer.

Directed by: Concretelive. Produced by: TWhy Xclusive (@TWhyXclusive)

As he was growing up he became involved w the local gang that surrounded where he lived. As a member of a street gang he strived to “put in work” more than any of his peers. This would only get him caught in the web of the California judicial system. He would go to juvenile hall to the county jail to prison. While he was in prison he dabbled w the pen and the paper and found out that he could be a serious threat in this rap game. Upon hes release from prison he was blinded by the luxuries of the “Dope game” so it took him 4 years to get in the booth.

Once he stepped in the booth it was apparent he was serious. He chose to stray away from the typical type of music that his fellow chicano peers were making and he chose to make music like that of main stream artist. He put his street hustle into his music which enabled him to surpass all his peers due to the fact that he was funding his own projects which caused him to out spend any and everyone of his peers. While others were waiting on their labels to invest, he put up street money! By him doing this it enabled him to do as he wished when he wished.

He managed to get super producer Fingazz to produce his mainstream records while him and his producer Talent flooded the streets w street music. His hustle enabled him to work with GMalone, Jay Rock, Snoop Dogg, etc, etc. He would go on to kill the viral game thru videos which caught the attn of west coast legend Mack 10. A meeting was then arranged and the rest is history! LBoy became part of Hoo Bangin records just off pure hustle, faith, and intelligence.

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