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Russian Star Artik Releases His New Spanish Video “Chica Bonita”

Russian singer Artik launches the official video for his new single “Chica Bonita”. The song, sung in Spanish, is a collaboration with artists Artem Kacher and Marvin, who are also in the video.Due to Covid 19 restrictions, part of the music video was recorded in Moscow, where Artik lives, and the other part in Bogotá, Colombia, where social media and YouTube influencer Mariana Avila is based.

The visual piece shows the reality that we are living, where we interact with friends and family much more through social networks, chats, TikTok and all digital platforms. Now more than ever we have been able to keep in touch with the people we love in this way.

Artik tells us a love story through social media, maintaining a fun long-distance relationship with the character played by Mariana Avila. Check out the music video below and let us know what you think.

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