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Loko Wit Tha Mask – “TILT”

Chicago horrorcore artist Loko Wit Tha Mask makes his music debut with the aggressive rap anthem TILT. The ferocious and fierce Katai directed visual features scenes with a pit bull, creepy clown masks, chainsaws and lots of rowdy behavior. 

Loko explains, “TILT is about that don’t try me energy. First record ever, lets go.”

The track is produced by Nez from Nez&Rio, the team behind ‘Man of the Year’ for Schoolboy Q and serves as the first release from Loko’s debut mixtape Loko Dillinger to be released by Still Alive Entertainment, a Vic Mensa owned label.

About Loko Wit Tha Mask: Chicago is a hub of hip-hop innovation. From Twista’s dizzying rhyme sprints in the ’90s to Kanye West’s designer backpack rap revolution throughout the 2000s to Chief Keef’s aggressive drill music to start the following decade, Chi-Town continuously pushes the envelope musically. Loko was birthed from that rap bedrock, before relocating to the East Coast and making his second home in Boston. He’s carrying on tradition by proving himself an artist capable of channeling mosh pit energy while showing off the stark realities of his crime-ridden environment. 

“We don’t got many motherfuckers that are real,” says Loko, sizing up hip-hop’s playing field. “There’s no fear in my heart. It’s time for a motherfucker on some rap shit to be like that again.”

Loko’s name precedes him. A play on “loco”—or “crazy” in Spanish—the moniker has stuck since back when the lanky artist was building up his rep in the streets (“I did shit to earn that nickname,” he says). Yet it’s just as fitting to describe his music, which can range from rap ragers to Latin trap with a gangsta grit. Loko’s debut mixtape, Loko Dillinger, led by the menacing “Tilt” and forceful “Hot Shit,” is a powerful introductory statement that showcases the hip-hop newcomer’s versatility and street-certified authenticity.


Photo Credit: Still Alive Entertainment

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