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Kissed Killed – “Blue Flame”

Imagine if you will the legendary songstress Sade moved to a humble barrio in East Los Angeles. She’s then swept off her feet by a smooth cholo and has a son… Texas native KissedKilled would be that seed. This southern crooner is a refreshing and promising act in an era of 2-minute jingles and hi-hat flooded trap beats. 

KissedKilled spent a significant amount of his childhood in various countries ranging from the heat-stricken west African streets of Abuja, Nigeria to the dirt-paved favelas of Santo Domingo, D.R. . Consequently, his cultural influence is the inspiration behind his divergent sound; there’s no telling if the next song will be an infectious Afrobeat bop, an Urbano Latino smash or a Hip-Hop/ R&B hit.

Ending 2018 on a high note, KissedKilled dropped off a couple freebies, which fans have been anxiously awaiting since the release of his debut EP Kinda. He has carried that momentum into 2019 with his latest single “Blue Flame” and plans on releasing more throughout the year, including his Latin and Afrobeat debuts. Until then, get familiar with Kissedkilled.  

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