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Jyayo x MC Jessi x Yaw Faso – “Não Pare”

Produced by Jyayo, ‘Nao Pare’ is a collaborative side project which features Brazil’s MC Jessi. ‘Nao Pare’ was birthed out of the inspired drive of both Yaw Faso and Jyayo after the two set their sights on developing a full-length project, heavily galvanized by the sounds of Funk Ostentação.

In the early stages of this offshoot project, the two Melbourne based artists, inspired and well equipped, reached out to MC Jessi and her team, to propose a duel-nation collaboration. Locked down, they worked via the web sharing numerous sounds, emails and files.

Through this, ‘Nao Pare’ was formed. Driven by the idea of a language barrier in a cross cultural romance, between an Australian and Brazilian. ‘Nao Pare’ is a spicy track that is very much about intimate communication, as it is about infatuation.

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