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Billy Dha Kidd – “Mind My Own Business”

As if Billy Dha Kidd’s song title “Mind My Own Business” isn’t clear enough to let haters know what time it is, he just released his official music video so he is clearly understood. Referring to his haters that he is on his own lane. He is not sweating any nonsayers and is just Minding ...

Billy Dha Kidd “Family Over Everything”

Billy Dha Kidd is bringing real life rap on his new music video “Family Over Everything” off his new album “Trust Issues”. He shares the sentiment that “Big Houses, Cars etc don’t mean nothing, only Family”. Billy Dha Kidd officially has announced that his project “From Struggles to Success” that features music with Kevin Gates, ...

Billy Dha Kidd – “Born Alone Die Alone” #BADA (Video)

If you have ever been hurt before by a loved one, than you will have no issue understanding where Latin hiphop artist Billy Dha Kidd is coming from on his new music video. Born in El Salvador, Billy Dha Kidd moved to California with his mother before eventually settling in Nebraska. On his new video ...

Willie Of Wilshire – “Tell Me Twice” (Video)

Latino hiphop rising star, Willie of Wilshire is back with his video, “Tell Me Twice”. Learn more on his website, and Soundcloud Follow @rapperbigwill on Instagram. Be sure to follow @hiphopmundonews on twitter and @hiphopmundo on instagram for the latest in latin hiphop news. 00