3 years ago

K pasa, amigos! Welcome to Hip-Hop Mundo! We wanted to start off with a big salute to all the forefathers in documenting our work in hip-hop. We all know hip-hop’s history and where it stared but want to celebrate the Latino involvement, which has been present since hip-hop’s inception. From the Cuban drums to the Puerto Rican BBoys & BGirls and graf writers in Nueva York we’ve always been present and this is a site to document that.

Where we felt some other sites fell short is they’d only focus on one region. But we expect California sites to focus on California emcees. That’s cool! But we wanted to focus on people from all over the country and world!

Join us as we regularly update the website with new artists, news, and classic songs and videos. Want to be featured? Contact us here!

Gracias, amigos y amigas. Nos vemos pronto.


Hip-Hop/Urban Music blog celebrating Latino contributions and urban cultura. For submissions please contact us via our contact page and follow us on Social Media!

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